Vermietung und Verkauf mobiler Heizzentralen.

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Oil/Gas heating system type: WZ 1300-2000 kW

Mobile heating systems from heizkurier are used for provisionally supplying heating for buildings, local and district heating grids, process heat, floor and construction drying, biogas systems, halls, tents and many more.

WZ 1300-2000 KW consists of:

  • Oil / gas boiler
  • The latest energy-saving burner technology
  • All required safety fittings
  • Circulation pump
  • Control systems
  • Oil tank

Only a few conditions need to be met for the installation of a WZ heating system, for example a constant power and energy supply and a level installation location. It is suitable for power ranges from 60 kW.

The systems consist of a trailer or container in which a fully functional heating system is installed. This consists of a boiler, burner, control system (infinitely adjustable), all safety fittings, pumps and a heating oil tank (natural and liquefied petroleum gas upon request). Connected to the structure via flexible hoses, it reliably delivers pumped hot water (flow / return 90 / 70°C) and/or service water.