Professional screed drying

with mobile heating systems

Mobile heating systems for a professional screed heating

Screed drying is a challenge for many building contractors. Often the planned energy souce is not yet completed but the screed needs to be dried. Mobile heating systems from heizkurier help you dry your screed according to the manufacturer´s instructions. Due to our screed heating programme the warranty is guaranteed.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Professional floor drying in accordance with the flooring manufacturer´s instructions
  • Guaranteed construction progress
  • Exact compliance with the time frame for your building projects
  • Heating of the screed despite installation of a heat pump

Our classic system: up to 36 kW

  • Installed on a trolley
  • Equipped with all safety fittings
  • For the heating of buildings, construction drying & more
  • Optional with screed heating programme & fresh water module

The powerful: heating up to 2000 kW

  • Installed in trailer or container
  • Equipped with all safety fittings
  • Compact & powerful
  • Optional with fresh water module