Heating water treatment

Avoidance of damage in hot water heating systems in accordance with VDI [Association of German Engineers] guideline 2035

With the latest generation of our HKHWA 25 mobile rental equipment, heating water treatment in accordance with VDI guideline 2035 is possible directly on site, without putting chemical additives in the water and without an external power connection.

Our mobile rental equipment for heating water treatment is suitable for installation, renovation and heating system refurbishment in detached houses and flat blocks from a size of approx. 500 m² and for large heating systems from approx. 50 kW in office buildings or industrial facilities.

The demineralised heating water, demineralised through desalting, meets the requirements for fill water quality for heating systems in accordance with VDI guideline 2035 (Association of German Engineers), the SWKI guideline 97-1 (Swiss Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers) and the Austrian H5195 Ö norm.

Heating water treatment gains particular importance in terms of warranty. Today, before the heating system manufacturer carries out warranty servicing in the event of damage, water analysis is carried out first. Any result which deviates from the VDI regulation renders the warranty invalid. With the mobile heating water treatment equipment from heizkurier, it is possible to retroactively demineralise existing systems without investing in expensive equipment.

Advantages of mobile heating water treatment with heizkurier

  • Protection of the pipes and boiler against corrosion
  • Demineralisation of the heating water
  • Safeguarding the manufacturer's warranty by complying with the VDI guideline
  • Suitable for all heating systems
  • Suitable for retroactive demineralisation of existing systems
  • Flexible use
  • Operation without a mains connection (battery)
  • High filling speed with strong softening power