Fresh water module

  • Service water hoses KTW [plastic for drinking water] / DVGW [German Association for Gas and Water Applications] approved
  • Optional disinfection of drinking water hoses through heizkurier

FWM fresh water modules are used for drinking water supply in buildings as well as for shower systems at events. heizkurier fresh water modules cover an output range up to 18,500 l/h for a cold water input at 10°C and hot water output at 45°C. They are delivered ready for connection in a sealed transport box and can thus be installed indoors and outdoors.
The continuous-flow heater principle guarantees 100% hygienic service water and prevents the reproduction of Legionella bacteria in the building's hot water system (see DVGW worksheet W 551). The fresh water modules from heizkurier are connected and ready to use within the shortest time by means of flexible, service water approved hoses. All drinking water hoses are drinking water certified in accordance with KTW / DVGW.

Drinking water certified in accordance with KTW / DVGW, length up to 3 x 10 m (KW / WW / Z 10 m each).