Vermietung und Verkauf mobiler Heizzentralen.

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Electric system type: EZ Classic

Electric heating systems are small, mobile heating systems which are used, among other things, for the heating of buildings or for floor or construction drying. They are available in an output range of 15-36 kW.

Each electric system from heizkurier consists of a 2-tier electric boiler which is installed on a trolley. It is equipped with a pump, control system (infinitely adjustable) and all safety fittings as well as a 1 x 5 m electrical connection cable. Connected to the structure via flexible hoses, it reliably delivers pumped hot water (flow / return 90 / 70°C).

Optional with screed heating programm or fresh water module

The screed heating programme from heizkurier

  • The control module allows functional heating in accordance with DIN EN 1264.
  • Includes 4 different heating programmes, compatible with WZ heating systems 10-5,000 kW:
  • 1. Functional heating 7 days
  • 2. Preparatory heating 18 days
  • 3. Functional heating followed by preparatory heating 25 days
  • 4. Optional individual programming with the option of recording