Our mobile heating systems keep you warm.

Fast & reliable.

In case of emergency we react directly.

If the heating system is damaged, landlords might have to expect trouble and high costs. Especially in winter temperatures, tenants might reduce the rent considerably, if they do not have any heating or hot water. Particularly blocks of flats, schools or hospitals need a fast solution. heizkurier offers mobile heating solutions 24/7 to provide you with heat and hot water.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Unlimited use of heating and hot water for tenants and users even during renovation operations
  • Smooth operation of large structures such as schools, hospitals, etc.
  • Avoidance of system outages and thus the related rent reduction for the owner
  • Stress-free working for the respective business

Our classic system: up to 36 kW

  • Installed on a trolley
  • Equipped with all safety fittings
  • For the heating of buildings, construction drying & more
  • Optional with screed heating programme & fresh water module

The powerful: heating up to 2000 kW

  • Installed in trailer or container
  • Equipped with all safety fittings
  • Compact & powerful
  • Optional with fresh water module