Leasing of mobile heating systems

for a safe biogas production


The heating of biogas systems is interesting both for the operator and for the manufacturer. Modern biogas systems produce power through natural fermentation processes which can only be started by ensuring a certain base temperature. A local heating grid is often operated with the "waste product that is heat" which heats a nearby estate or commercial units. The fermentation systems, filled with organic material, are heated with the help of mobile heating systems from heizkurier.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Guaranteed initiation of the fermentation process, and thus commissioning of the biogas system
  • Complying with the obligation of supply (heat) at the agreed time
  • Bridging of the heat supply in the event of inspection / maintenance of the CHP (combined heat and power unit)
  • Bridging of the heat supply in the event of outage and repair

Our classic system: up to 36 kW

  • Installed on a trolley
  • Equipped with all safety fittings
  • For the heating of buildings, construction drying & more
  • Optional with screed heating programme & fresh water module

The powerful: heating up to 2000 kW

  • Installed in trailer or container
  • Equipped with all safety fittings
  • Compact & powerful
  • Optional with fresh water module